The Secret to Lag in the Golf Swing


It’s why Rory McIlroy hits 330 yard bombs off the tee.

It’s what gives Ernie Els’s swing that signature look of “effortless power.”

And it’s why the great Jack Nicklaus, throughout his entire career, was able to hit high, beautiful, pure iron shots that landed softly and stopped on a dime.

In fact, every single week we’re able to watch the best players in the world play golf, and when we watch them, they make creating speed and distance look effortless.

Question is…how do they do it? What’s their secret?

For many amatuer golfers, power, accuracy, and consistency are elusive. They simply don’t understand how the pros are able to create speed and a smooth, rhythmic swing with such ease.

The answer is simple. Lag.

Creating lag during the golf swing allows the player to store energy and release this force right at impact. What lag also does is makes releasing the club head easier, as well as consistent contact become a mindless action.

What is Lag Anyways?

To put it simply, lag is the angle between your arm and club shaft during your downswing. The smaller the angle between those two things, the more lag you have created.

Now why is this so important? Lag is essential to creating effortless speed at the bottom of your swing.

No more will you have to rotate and swing out of your shoes.

Once you learn how to create lag, you’ll be able to stay balanced over the ball, and create consistent contact on a much more frequent basis.

How to Create Lag (The “One Two” Punch)

Creating lag can be boiled down to two things: storing energy and releasing energy.

Most amatuer golfers think about so many things throughout their swing, which makes it easy to become stiff and tense over the golf ball. Once this happens, it’s hard to create any speed let alone flexibility.

Loosening your grip, and relieving the tension from your arms, will make it incredibly easy for you to lead with your hands and leave the club head behind, creating lag.

Before our amazing training aid, a great way to get this feeling would be with a golf towel. As you swing a golf towel, you’re able to feel the end of it stay behind you, which in turn creates a whip-like effect at the bottom of the swing.

Now with the Lag Shot, you’re able to make full golf swings while experiencing the same feels. And best of all, you’re able to actually hit golf balls with it.

The Key Move to Copy if You Want to Create Perfect Lag

One of the best examples of lag, is looking at the swing of Sergio Garcia.

For years, Sergio has been one the the premium ball-strikers on the planet, and that can be attributed to the amount of lag he creates during his down swing. What he does that’s so important, is starting his downswing with a slight movement of his lower body.

More importantly, his hips.

His hips bump forward, creating a change of direction that influences his arms to drop.

This combination of moves leaves the club head behind his hands, creating lag.

The most important thing Sergio does extremely well, is keeping his left arm connected to his body during the initial part of his downswing, another valuable benefit of using, and hitting balls with Lag Shot.

The Secret to Lag is In the Wrists!

During your golf swing, you can do everything right. Start with your hips, drop the arms, and release at the bottom.

But if you don’t do one key aspect correctly, none of these things will matter.

That key aspect is removing all tension from your wrists. You still need to keep grip pressure on the club, but allowing your wrists to move freely during the entire swing is what’s going to allow you to store energy.

A great way to engrave this feeling into your mind, is making half swings. Bring the club to just about parallel to the ground, then with soft wrists, bring your hands to the ball and make half shots.

This will give you the feeling of tha

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