Golf Lag Drill to Crush Your Irons

All great golf minds emphasize how important lag is.

Lag creates speed.

Lag creates distance.

Lag makes you a better player.

Creating and maintaining lag is one of the things that PGA TOUR players do better than all other golfers on the planet.

But how do they do it?

Creating lag in your golf swing may sound difficult to do, and don’t get me wrong it’s going to feel like a change, but I have a few drills that will have you creating some SERIOUS lag.

#1 Exaggerate the Feel

We need to get you feeling what it is like to have lag stored at the bottom of the swing. In this drill, all you need is an alignment stick, or another club. What you are going to do is lay the alignment stick on the ground to your left, as you’re addressed to the golf ball.

The alignment stick needs to be pointed down the range, and aligned on your heel line of your stance. You will not be taking full swings while doing this drill, but only taking your arms to about waist height. Make sure your wrist is hinged, and a decent angle is being created between your lead wrist and the club.

Now, while holding that angle, drag the handle through the hitting area, and keep the angle until it’s aligned over the alignment stick on the ground.

What this is doing, is forcing you to maintain lag through the hitting area, as well as getting you used to the feeling of it. This is an exaggerated move, but it will translate over to your swing in a less exaggerated way.

While you are hitting balls during this drill, expect them to be very low shots, with a tendency to be pulled. This is because you have extreme forward press at impact, as well as a strong clubface.

#2 Stop Casting

Most players lose the angles they create during their backswing as soon as they start their downswing. They unhinge the wrists, and try to “help” the ball get in the air instead of hitting down on the golf ball.

For this drill, I want you to hold the club out directly in front of you, with your arms completely extended. Now, move your hands back, then pull them forward.

What you are going to see, if you keep your wrists loose, is the angle between your hands and the club is going to become very small.

So the club head is going to get behind your hands, then whip forward as you finish pulling through. What this drill is showing you is what it feels like to create lag at the start of the downswing.

The wrists need to be loose while performing this drill, as that’s the only way to witness the lag being created.

If this is done right during your swing, it should feel as though your club shaft is getting closer to your body during the downswing, compared to being “casted” away from you.

#3 Stop Helping the Ball in the Air

Many players have the wrong idea when it comes to contacting the golf ball. They will try to help the ball in the air, when in reality that’s the last thing you want to do.

Swinging like this will result in weak ball flights, loss of distance, and very inconsistent contact. We need to start hitting down on the golf ball, as a result from shifting our weight to the lead side, which in return will create lag for us.

In this drill, all you are going to need is a golf towel. Fold the towel a few times so it’s a bit thicker, and lay it on the ground about a club head away from the golf ball.

Having the towel behind the ball does two things: One, it will give you immediate feedback to whether or not you are hitting shots fat/helping the ball in the air, and 2, it will force you to get your hands in front of the ball at impact as a result from lag.

This drill will give you the feeling of proper contact and hitting down on the ball.

Another variation of this drill, if you don’t have a golf towel, is to place a tee a few inches in front of the golf ball. Instead of focusing on hitting the ball, focus on hitting the tee. This will have the same benefits for your swing as the towel drill has.

Lag creates SPEED. Lag creates POWER. Take these drills to the range, and in no time, you will be producing SERIOUS lag.

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